Friday, June 18, 2010

No More Brown Bagging It

My daughter is moving into the 18-24 month class at school which means she will no longer have a refrigerator in her class and must bring her lunch in an insulated bag of some sort. Knowing that we'll be carrying this bag 2 times per day for years, I want it to be cute and man, there are some cute lunch bags, totes and classic boxes out there.
Here are some favorite I found in case you want to start back to school shopping now!
Vera Bradley lunch tote from Zappos
Scout insulated set of bags from ebay. I own an insulated pool bag from them that I love!
Cute classic boys lunchbox with a friendly monster from Monkey See Boutique
Classic girls lunchbox that comes in a lot of really cute prints from Monkey See Boutique! They even have large magnets to cover your lunchbox front with holiday designs! Genius!

Large insulated tote bag from etsy
Drawstring insulated tote from etsy
Personalized insulated cooler from etsy
Upcycled tablecloth from etsy
Oilcloth bag from etsy
Vintage Fabric tote from etsy
I think I am going with one of these vintage totes. It seems to be large enough to hold her milk jug, milk cup, water cup, breakfast and lunch and has straps long enough to fit over my shoulder.
Which one is your favorite?