Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's Foot Fetish

I am a professional event planner. Event planning is glamorous at times and gruesome at times. We open registration each morning at 6 AM and some attendees always beats us there. We end around 10 PM each night. When at an event, I walk. A.LOT. A pedometer would be a hoot- I don't sit except for a few minutes to eat or help at registration. My feet swell so much at an event that I need wide shoes just for these functions.
Needless to say, I own my share of comfortable shoes that I wear just for events. My favorite brand hands down is Soft Walk. I always buy them on Zappos and haven't seen them in stores before. Some are cute and some even my Mother would consider old fashioned.
Here are some of my favorite cute ones from Zappos.
Maggione in Red
Rosetto in Turquoise
Montrose in Ivory ( I own these in brown!)

Manteca in Black
These are a great illustration of the pillowy bottoms of their shoes. They are so soft and the leather is quality leather that bends. If you are on your feet much, get some Soft Walks!