Sunday, July 25, 2010

That "A" Girl

I love personalizing Abby's sweet little plain t-shirts and dresses with her initials. When my Mom was recently visiting, we made Abby a new shirt and a new dress.
We added a sweet heart on the back of the t-shirt so she knows her shirt was made with love. These are simple fabric scraps, cut out and ironed on with Steam-A-Seam from Hobby Lobby and then my Mom adds a zig zag stitch for extra security and charm. Super simple!
I am always on the lookout for solid clothing items which is often hard to find in kids sizing to make these items. This batch, the t-shirt and dress, are from Baby Gap. Both were less than $8 on clearance. Love when that happens.

We added a little ric rac to the dress. If there is anything I love more than a good monogram, it is ric rac.
We also added a heart to her bloomers. Here is hoping nobody sees it :)
I promised my Mom is I have another girl, I'll take her recommendations on the first letter of her name. The A isn't too bad from a turning the fabric on the sewing machine perspective. We decided an R might be the worst! No Riley or Rebecca for me!