Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fabric Flowers Tutorial

I love all the feminine touches of flowers, pins, hairclips, and lace right now. Add some ruffles and I am sold. I bought these flower pins last fall as gifts (okay, I kept a few for myself!) and love wearing them. This past week, with my Mom in town, we sat down and figured out how to make them! Every good craft project starts with a list of supplies. Oh, and a big sweet tea from Sonic.
Here are the directions we loosely followed and a template to print out the flower sizes. Each posie pin takes 6 flowers- 2 large and 4 small. I selected 1 fabric for the large flowers and 2 for the smaller ones. You could do all the same or really mix it up.

To give them a more shabby chic look, after cutting out my flowers, I wet them, placed them in a lingerie bag and ran them through the dryer. It frayed them perfectly.

You'll also need something for the center- a button or a fabric covered button. These are super easy to do and the supplies can be found at most craft or fabric stores. I made my cover the same as the fabric on the large flower base.

With a needle and thread, you literally fold your small circle in half and then fold it over a little to give your posey seom dimension. You will end up overlapping these folded flowers to place 4 of them on the base.

This one has 3 sewn on and it just waiting for one more yellow gal to join in.

Once all 4 sections are folded and sewn on, you sewn on the fabulous button you have covered.
Here is the back of the flower. It doesn't have to be pretty since it will not show.

Take a pin (from the craft store) and sew it onto a felt circle smaller than your base circle.

Using E-6000 glue, cover your pin back and then glue the complete circle onto your pin's back.

We ended up making 6 flowers, 2 of each of the fabric sets I had purchased. They take a little longer than I had expected, but I know exactly what to do when I see fabric I can't live without. You can make a ton of these with just 1/4 yard of fabric, so splurge on the pretty stuff.
This one has peace signs, flowers, and butterflys. It is from Michael Miller.

And this little pretty is probably my favorite- I love the colors together!

It folded nicely and is so fluffy!

Posie pins are fun and there are lots of options out there! Let me know if you have a tutorial online, I'd love to see more ways to do them!