Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday's Foot Fetish: Sanuk

When I was 32 weeks pregnant we husband and I took a trip to Hawaii. We didn't pick the timing, it was an amazing all expenses paid incentive trip my husband earned from his employer for his sales that year. We had a wonderful time, but at 32 weeks pregnant, I was so tired trying to do anything. My feet were killing me and then in a little store for surfers, I found Sanuk sandals. The most cushy comfortable shoes ever. I bought them in white and wore them the remainder of the trip. Since Zappos carries them, I now own them in brown and turquoise also.

This is my favorite pair- Yoga Mat is the name. They are $26 a pair. The whole bottom part is cushioned, seriously cushioned. I wear these when cooking in the kitchen on the hard tile, at the grocery store, to the park, and most places I can get away with. I wore them for 8 straight weeks at the end of my pregnancy! They have more than just solid colors- these are really cute brown zebra print Sanuks.

Or, these gold ones. I really like the strap configuration.

But, these? What were they thinking? I don't need tube socks attached to my flip flops thank you very much. Just plain weird.