Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fabric Wrapped Candles for Fall

I wanted to do something festive with my enormous vanilla candles in my living room. I was hoping for a free option and decided to fabric wrap the candles like I had seen on another blog. I have lots of fall fabric scraps left from my Ragamuffin garland made last year and it worked perfectly!
Here is a closeup of the smaller candles.

And here is the creative, simple, sneaky way that I attached the fabric. A simple thumb tack poked right through the fabric and into the candle. I know, genius!

Look around the house- how many candles can you wrap? Halloween? Christmas? Fabric or ribbon? Ric Rac? Oh the fun- no candle is safe in my house now!

Look for lots more fall decor pictures and ideas coming soon or go here to see fall decor from last year.

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