Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday's Foot Fetish: Wide Calves

I have never owned a tall pair of boots. I am short and not skinny, so tall boots have never fit me right. I have tried on wide calf boots at the store before and apparently I am extra wide! Nothing like needing an extra wide calf to put a frown on your face! I found these boots from RSVP on Zappos and they have a really wide calf! Hooray!
I would take a tape measure around the largest part of your calf to determine how "wide" you are. These boots are 17.5 circumference which is the widest I have seen. If you plan to tuck jeggings or skinny jeans into them, I'd measure with pants on.

These are loose on me which I just love. Most wide calf are around 15" circumference and I am a 16". Hope you can find a pair you love!