Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Color Matching on Your Blog

When I think of beautiful colors, I think of trees in the fall. I would love to live in an area that had this kind of beautiful color on display. I promise I would never take my surroundings for granted. Where I live, spring is when Mother Nature brings out her beauty. The open fields become alive with wildflowers. A field of bluebonnets is a sight to see.
Making your blog come alive with the right colors is super easy. My friend Erica shared this free download with me and I use it whenever I do a blog redesign.

Once you run the software (I just keep it on my desktop), you can paste a picture (typically my header) into the pop-up window and then as you roll over parts of the picture it will give you the HTML code for that color. That HTML code can then be plugged into Blogger when you are in the design function.

Happy Color Matching!