Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Favorites- Favorite Easy Gift

This is Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas Favorites.... scroll down to see the schedule. It includes my first linky party tomorrow, hope you'll join me!
I try to buy my team a small gift each year and my thoughtful husband buys the 5 women in his office who support his accounts a gift each year. We combined forces and with the help of a few craft blogs out there and made our co-workers fun bubble magnets.

Here are my supplies- mod podge, the clear flat marbles in the floral section, a 3/4" circle punch, glue gun, 3/4" circle magents and scraps of scrapbook paper.
You simply modge podge the punched paper to the flat side of the marble and hot glue a magnet on the back! Super easy!

I dug around in my scraps and found coordinating sets of paper so that I could make a set of 6 matching magnets as the gift.

The blue set
The red set, my favorite!
The brown and cream set
And, the bright and colorful set.
Here is a completed brown set and here is my gift packaging problem. I didn't pay attention to which magnets would respond positively and negatively to each other. I can't fight gravitational forces, so some sets and are jumbled like this!
I would recommend lining up 6 magnets nicely and then gluing your paper marble on top. The site where I saw these gifted them in Altoid tins which is super clever! I should have been stocking up on Marcus' stash! ha!

Here are all my marble ready for magnets!
If you have the paper and punch already, this project costs about $10 for 50 magnets! Great for teacher, co-workers, housekeepers, and babysitters!