Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Milk and Cookies Party: Decor

Come in! Welcome to our daughter's milk and cookies 2nd birthday party created with love and a lot of brown sugar. :)
I struggled with a theme for this blond pigtailed princess. I wanted something simple, unique, and wanted to take advantage of what could be the last party theme I get to pick. There are few things my girl loves more than milk, so I went with it!
Here is the table with 12 different types of cookies for our 50 plus guests to enjoy. I'll share the f cookies and links to many of the recipes soon.

I wanted a soda shop feel, so I used glass jars, cake plates, and a few platters. The color palette was simple- mainly white, clear glass and silver. Overall the party was ivory, chocolate brown, white, tan and a little bit of cookie monster blue.
The cookie jars were labeled with khaki 2.5" circle labels from Paper Source. The tablecloth was a multi-day project with my Mom and I. I bought 5 rectangular tablecloths from Hobby Lobby to make the ruffled skirt. The inspiration and details are from here. We topped it off with ribbon to cover the seams which weren't always straight.
Next to the cookies, we had our drink station with lemonade, bottled water, and various milks. After picking your milk (whole, fat free or 2%), you were able to add chocolate, caramel or strawberry syrup. Then, you had to pick your straw! We had vanilla and chocolate cookie straws found in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, chocolate candy straws, and the perfect blue and white striped straws that were only 5 cents a piece!
I purchased vintage milk bottles on eBay and used them throughout the house with white flowers and coordinating ribbons. I had originally wanted to use them as the milk pitchers, but they were a little too vintage. :) I did find Ball jars with the shape of milk bottles for the guests to pour their drinks from. If I had an unlimited budget, I would have had mason jars for all!
To help set the mood, we hung simply made felt cookies from the chandeliers using ribbons and clothespins.
Of course I had to make a banner! I thought about sweet or got milk. I ended up using sweet in other places, so I went with Got Milk for the banner and hung it across the archway that leads into our living space. I placed 2 nails in the wall about halfway and then tied the ribbon around the nails.
Since we had so many kids coming and no bounce house to entertain them, I needed inexpensive activities. We had a station for kids to decorate felt cookies that they could take home with them. Abby loves her play kitchen, so we assumed other kids would like having cookies for their kitchens, too.
We also set up a milk mustache photo station. These pictures were so much fun!
Favors for the kids to take home? We had simple brown favor boxes so they could take home a few of their favorite cookies and these die cut milk cartons filled with chocolate powder inside a snack sized baggie. I cut down those 5 cent straws for color and fun!
I added labels using Paper Source round stickers and coordinating ribbon. These were one of my favorite elements. Very inexpensive, cute, and theme appropriate.
As guests were leaving, we left them with a parting message.
The party was sweet, too! Abby had a great time seeing so many of her friends and eating a plethora of sugar cookies. More details on the crafts and recipes found here.