Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spray Painted Chandelier

Here is my new black chandelier! It isn't totally new, but thanks to a simple afternoon project is a new color!
The fixture was brushed nickel to begin with. I'm lucky my house is newer and we don't have any brass, but even the brushed nickel just wasn't my style. Painting this was a project always in my mind, but a little scary. What would I do if I messed it up? I got courage from lots of blogs out there and did it!

Here is my paint of choice and my handy sprayer. Greatest $3 investment I can recall!
In all my blog research, it was recommended to place it on a broom stick between two chairs. It was perfect for allowing me to get at all angles without flipping and allowing extra drying time. I removed the shades, lightbulbs and the beige plastic pieces on each light.
This is in between coats- in total, I think I did 4 coats. I used a little more than 1 full can of spray paint. I painted the handing cord and chain and just put the wired hardware that wouldn't be seen inside a baggie and taped it shut.
Here is a close-up... I think I have more coats than necessary because any shine I could see on the fixture was hard to decipher. Was it wet paint or silver coming through?
I love the finished project- much more French Country style with the red check than I had.
Here is the before with the silver.... not that bad, but now, so much better!
One 2011 home goal down! Yippee!