Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's Foot Fetish: Crocs for Girls

One year ago today, my daughter took her first steps at 15 months. I thought she would never walk- I stressed about it like crazy. And then she walked while at school when I was in Round Top antique shopping. A year later, she runs, marches, jumps, and hops everywhere. She still doesn't walk! ;)

My favorite shoe for her is Crocs! I love that she can get them wet and dirty and they still look brand new. I also think the sizing and build makes them last longer than most shoes as her little foot grows. Crocs has come out with some cute new girly styles- they are less bulky than the typical Croc and the colors are super fun!
Abby has the turquoise pair on the top left- I love turquoise for her! It seems to go with most everything! Get your Crocs at Zappos.