Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Ideas

This post is partially for my husband, but in scouring the web for gift ideas for him, I came across a few too many things and thought I would share them here.

We operate differently than many couples- we share bank accounts and therefore I want to make sure I like my gift. To be honest, it isn't the thought that always counts with me. I know what I like and like to give him options including direct links. He has the final say in selecting what link he purchases from. And, I get to be surprised within reason :)

He also gets reassurance in knowing I will like my gift. No fake "thank yous" or awkward return conversations have to occur. It just works best for us! Sometimes he sends me links also, but often I just listen to what he needs, complains about, or looks for things they are worn out.

Here are some of my favorites I sent to him: