Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My New Planner

I am a meeting planner by profession and a serious planner by personality. I was a Franklin Covey girl for years and then made the move to using Outlook as my planner 4 years ago. It made sense for my life. Now that I am working part time from home (or will be in 7 weeks!) I am making the move back to paper and I am amazed and thrilled at the new planners available!

After hearing rave reviews from friends on Facebook and blogs, I am going with the momAgenda. First of all, I love the fun colors and prints of the outside of the planner- I opted for turquoise and added my name in silver. I love the zebra and gold metallic also. There is always next year! I selected myAgenda since it will be personal and professional. It appears to be the same book only it says my instead of mom on the cover ;)
I love that there are 5 sections grouped in rows on each weekly page. I am envisioning personal, job #1, job #2, dinner, and a miscellaneous category. How great is that- all of my lists in one place! The original intent appears to be one section for each member of your family.

While browsing momAgenda, I found a couple of other products I love! Check out the Kitchen Folio with all of the inserts as a free download! They are cute colors and fonts and practical in information like emergency numbers, vacation packing lists, and even lists geared toward the holidays when we all stress out more!
I also just love the school days books. It is one book for your child's entire school year. There is a page and folder for each school year- a place for art, school photos, report cards, etc. What a great gift to share with your children.
If you are in need of a new planner (they start in August or January), I highly recommend you check out momAgenda. My book is on its way- I am excited to sit down with a fresh new planner and start jotting down my new life!

* Nobody paid me for this post- momAgenda doesn't know me at all, but they do have a rewards program which is tied into the links I shared above. I would share them without a rewards program.

* There is free shipping codes on Retail Me Not for momAgenda. Every little bit helps!