Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pinterest and Polyvore

I have two new favorite websites- Pinterest and Polyvore. Both are major time killers, but lots of fun for creative minds! Let me tell you more....

Polyvore was created to help you make design boards. I've seen these on professional bloggers sites and always thought they were using Photoshop. Oh no- they were using the free site Polyvore!

Here is my first design- I created a fun outfit I'd wear on vacation. In the Polyvore world, we have no budgets or stretch marks! You just shop through the many pictures on their site and drag onto your inspiration board. Connected to the pictures are links to the sites with prices in case you really want to buy the items in your board. Again, there are no budgets in the land of Polyvore!
It can be fashion or home furnishings. Just create an account and start building. You can publish your boards to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Now, let's talk about Pinterest. I am learning more as I play on this site, but I love the photo library it creates. I have categorized my photos (into boards) into areas like cute haircuts, future parties, crafts, holidays, blog headers, Christmas gifts. Once you create an account, you have a "Pin It" link on your desktop and when you see something you like, you simply Pin It and it resides on your Pinterest page.

People can follow each other and you'll see what others are pinning each time you log on. I love seeing my creative friends finds! You can also repin easily when you see something that you like. In no time you'll create a cookbook, birthday party, to do list, and must have list.

And, to make life easier, I created boards for Your Little Birdie- you can see my favorite foods, crafts, and parties from this blog all in one place. No more scrolling back on the blog to find that cake recipe or party photo.

Leave me a comment if you are on Pinterest with a link to your page so we can Pin together! Follow me at