Monday, October 10, 2011

Going Green

I saw this picture on Pinterest and fell in love! It is warm and Christmas-filled, but it is also vintage and just plain spectacular. I could move right in!
My bedroom has been black/khaki/red since we moved into our house. You can see a picture here. So, I didn't think it would take much to switch to this look. I just needed a little green.
I found this quilt on Amazon for $50 for a king! That was the style and price I was looking for! I found the Keep Calm and Carry On pillow at Hobby Lobby and of course it was 1/2 off!
The folded quilt at the base is my original red and white quilt, just the back side. I plan to turn it back to red and green in December. I hope to add a wreath at the foot of the bed then and a few more of my red accessories, too!

All of the throw pillows I already had. I removed the red rug and traded out my red ticking stripe lampshades with a khaki linen that I had in the living room.
In total I was able to change out my bedroom look for less than $75 and that makes me and my bank account very happy!