Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Ornament Ball Wreath

As a new stay at home Mom, I am trying to find fun crafts that my 3 year old can help with. I like things to look perfect, but the memory of making something she can be proud of is a better feeling. I am learning :)

The ornament ball wreath is MUCH easier than it looks and really can be done by a small child. I think this would make a great hostess gift, just bring a small 3M hook to hang it for them. You could also surprise a friend by leaving it with a little tag on their front door. Since Abby was part of this one, it'll stay with us and likely be on her bedroom door. I originally found this idea here- her wreath is beautiful!
This is your simple list of supplies- big balls and little balls, ribbon and a clothes hanger. I bought some additional icy looking picks, but didn't end up liking them.
To help Abby, we placed 36 small silver balls in a bucket. I thought we'd need small ones to fill in the little gaps. These were $4.99 per 18 balls and I got them 50% off at Hobby Lobby.
The big colorful balls were 45 for $15 at Wal-Mart. I let Abby pick the colors. I think a silver and gold wreath or a lime green and red would look even better! These balls are the shatterproof kind which is the greatest!
Your wreath form is simply a wire hanger. Reshape the hanger portion into a circle and then undo it at the top where the end is wrapped up. That opens is up to allow you to string the ornaments. I would do a couple big ones and then throw in the silver. Abby got to pick each color and I tried to keep my mouth shut while fearing all the pink would be on one side!
Don't worry if you can see the hanger. You'll see it on the left and then a little twisting of the ornaments allowed me to hide it.
I love the different textures these ornaments provided. Think about that when shopping!

The final step is to close up the hanger by twisting the end back around the hanger. I think wrapped the exposed top in purple ribbon and tied a simple bow on the wreath.
Happy Wreath Making!