Friday, December 16, 2011

Boxes of Goodies with Recipes

This Christmas season my husband wanted to take goodies to his clients that he doesn't get to see every often. Since I love to bake and am home now, we decided it would be fun for me to make them baskets of yummy treats! I think people love getting homemade goodies these days when everything else is quicker and easier.
I made 6 of my favorite holiday treats. You can click on the links below for the recipes for each. All of them are simple- they are low ingredients, mix and bake types of recipes. They are all tested year after year by our family and we love each of them.

We placed the goodies in boxes from Garnish and wrapped them up with twine. I love Garnish! If you think the package and presentation is just as important as the gift, check them out!

I made simple labels for the boxes and included a list of all foods on a matching label inside the lid. What fun it was to bake all day and support my lovely husband in the process!

UPDATE: My Cheese Crisp dough was really crumbly this time around. Add a little milk to the mix until you have a dough and they'll taste great!