Thursday, December 8, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Mousepad

I never craft for boys- they are just harder and especially not for my husband who is the most difficult! But, this little handmade item is great for boys or men in your life. It works just fine for the girls, too!

You can buy 5 12x12 cork tiles at Hobby Lobby for under $10. I used my handy 40% off coupon and got them for under $5. I then trimmed the cork using regular scissors to the size of a mousepad.
Next, you mod podge onto the cork pad a printed paper or fabric. I used Superman wrapping paper I had on hand. Wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, fabric scraps, pictures printed on cardstock, be creative! Trim the paper/fabric to the size of your cork.
I then mod podged onto the wrapping paper a pictures of my husband and daughter dressed in their superhero t-shirts. If you are using wrapping paper, you are know all done! Because that paper is so thin, I would not recommend another wet layer of mod podge on top. However, a thicker paper or fabric, would need another layer on top. It will seal everything and create the slick glossy effect.
Thanks for joining in- one more day in the handmade Christmas series.