Monday, January 9, 2012

Dolls and Doughnuts Party Decor

We celebrated Abby Lu's 3rd birthday this past weekend with about 20 of her friends from church, daycare, Mother's Day Out and children of my husband and my friends. The party was held at 9:30 in the morning at our home. You can see the invitation I designed and the paper goods selected for the party here.

Party planning is a labor of love. As a professional meeting planner, I don't get to do as much fun, creative, social planning as I would like. Kids birthday parties have quickly become my favorite!

The guests began arriving shortly before 9:30 and all the littles wore their jammies and brought a favorite doll or stuffed toy. I love sweet little kids in their clean jammies! Such fun to see everyone in slippers, too!

The front door was adorned with a burlap doughnut. I got the idea here. I used a hat box lid and a plate to get my shape and then cut out my burlap. I pained the pink icing using simple craft paint from Hobby Lobby. The "sprinkles" are a piece of felt cut into small rectangles. They were then hot glued on. My Mom was in town when I made this, so she sewed it together for me and we stuffed it with tissue paper. If you don't have a sewing machine, a stapler works great, too!

The mantle in our living room was decked out in fun breakfast themed decor. I filled my favorite apothecary jars with cereal and stood vintage paper dolls in front of them. On the right, I placed babies breath flowers inside a cheap red toaster I bought at the local grocery store and included a recent photo of the birthday girl.

 The paper doll garland was super easy to make using fun scrapbook papers from Hobby Lobby and a template from here

I set the table with all the food to look like a bed. This was achieved using 2 white flat queen sheets and 3 pillows from our home. I purchased 3 yards of pink fleece to resemble a blanket and made the "bed". I also sat Abby's baby doll, we call BIG baby, on the bed and dressed her in one of Abby's 9 month dresses. I told you she is a BIG baby! I added some decorative ribbon to the front pillow and just pinned it on the back side.

More details on the food coming soon! I ordered the blue polka dot balloons and 2 giant 3' pink polka dotted balloons from here.

The drink table was set up on the side board in our dining room and it was adorned with 4 kitchen towels I loved all sewn together to make a runner. I bought these at my favorite store in Fredericksburg, Texas called Things in A Room. They have tons of vintage and fresh new fabrics.

The final decor was placed at the entry table for guests to take a treat on their way out the door. I placed the baggies of goodies (details on those coming!) inside Abby's baby doll bed. The chalkboard message board is the most versatile piece- I love it! 

 There it is- simple and inexpensive decor for a breakfast themed party. You could do Pancakes and Pajamas, Pajam-a-rama, or Dolls and Doughnuts. It is a fun theme to create! To see more ideas for this theme, visit the party board on Pinterest.

I'll share food and activities as well as take home treats DIY this week!