Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Yarn Wreath DIY

I have seen some cute wreaths on Pinterest and etsy lately and wanted to make sometime for my door for Valentine's Day. I was ultimately inspired most by this wreath and this one.

So I ventured to Hobby Lobby and bought an inexpensive wreath form, some yarn and felt. I bought two pieces, but only used one. In total, supplies were around $10. Did you know that you can pull up the 40% off coupon on your phone and they'll accept it! Love that!

I started by tucking the tail of the yarn sideways on the wreath and then began the long and tedious process of wrapping the whole wreath.

No joke- it took over an hour to wrap it all. I just sat and did it while watching TV. One thing to note, pink yarn on white wreath is okay if you have a little Styrofoam peeking through. If you use a darker yarn, I would get a thick yarn or paint your foam wreath a darker color.

When I was done, I placed 3 pins in the final piece and used some felt glue to help it stay in place. I think a hot glue gun would work well also. I just didn't want to pull out the glue gun and wait for it to heat up :)

The next step was making red felt hearts. I draw one on the red felt, cut it our with pinking shears to make sure it had the right shape and then traced it on the full sheet of felt. I then cut out each heart with my pinking shears.

Those hearts were then glued onto the wreath at random angles with my felt glue. Again, I think hot glue would work great. I really love the argyle on the wreath on etsy, but it looked strange with my hearts.

The finished wreath hanging on my front door! I added a little polka dotted ribbon as my hanger. 

Super simple and inexpensive wreath for Valentine's Day!