Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Abby Lu's Valentine Treats- Kids and Teacher Ideas

Needing ideas for your kids Valentine's? Here are my daughters treat bags this year. We made 16 of these, for the 8 kids in her Mother's Day Out program and the 8 in her dance class. The contents of the snack baggies includes heart tattoos (Hobby Lobby), heart shaped lollipops, red Starburst, heart slinkys, bouncy balls, and bracelets (all from Target!). The boys got a few extra balls instead of bracelets.

 I bought the cute monkey toppers here and then color copied and had them cut at Office Max.

I also wanted to do something for her teachers that she LOVES, but didn't want to spend too much money. I almost made them red scarves from here or the cute blocks I made for her teachers 2 years ago, but then I found these yummy Red Velvet cupcake candles from Target. Have you smelt them? They smell great!
Since they are cupcake scented, I placed them inside a treat bag with cupcake sprinkles! :)

I added a few coordinating ribbons and a tag with hearts. Super simple- $5 each!