Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Shower Corsage

I recently made a corsage for a baby shower. We were holding the shower at a restaurant and I wanted something special for the Mom-to-be to wear. I should have told the other friend planning the shower, because she made one too! So, this one is going in the craft closet until the next baby shower!

Here are the super simple directions....

Cut out three circles from white cardstock just smaller than your centerpiece. I bought a pink flower at Hobby Lobby that is actually a hair clip. In one circle, cut a small slit like below.

Slide the hair clip into the slit. This will be the front of your corsage.

Take another circle and start stapling ribbons of different widths and textures to the circle.

You'll want to layer them and cut the ends at an angle. I did the widest ribbon first so that it would be in the back and just kept adding ribbons, usually one on each side of the thick back ribbons. I also stapled some bunched up tulle.

Next, staple the circle with all the ribbons to the front circle with the flower on it.

Finally, staple the third circle on the back. This will cover up and clean up the back view- it will show only a couple of staples (those attached the back to the middle) and not the big group of staples that attached the ribbons. I then glued on a safety pin.

Here is the fun and finished project. It is much like a Homecoming Mum we girls wear in high school in Texas! I love how simple and inexpensive it was to make. A great idea for showers and more modern than the fresh flower corsage.

Since the shower was at a restaurant, we had to keep the decorating minimal. I had this duck from when we had Abby Lu (came with fresh flowers from a local florist) and added some heart picks and pink flowers to it. I think it'll add a little pink to the tables and not take up too much room.

I love throwing baby showers and am sad that my friends are almost all reaching the point of completing their families. This has been a fun party planning season. Now, we are onto birthday parties!