Sunday, February 26, 2012

Me and Lulu- My New Etsy Shop

I have played around with the idea of opening an Etsy shop for almost a year. Do I want the pressure of taking something I love and putting deadlines on it? Do I want to make something more than once? What if nobody buys anything or what if everyone does and I don't have time to fulfill? So many questions!

I decided to just give it a shot and let God lead me. I named the store Me and Lulu, after my daughter Abby Lu. She loves craft time at school and I hope carries on the crafting gene or her Mom, Nana and my own Nana.

Not knowing how etsy works or how popular everything will be, I started small. Really small. As in, I am starting with jewelry I had already made and had in my big jewelry closet that may have been worn a time or two. Consider it a soft opening. I hope to sell these pieces and then purchase supplies to keep making more!

Prices are low since the items, although they look new, are not. I have loved all the pieces and am happy to share them in my etsy store so that they can find a new home. As a Your Little Birdie blog reader, I am offering 10% off to my chickadees. Just enter BIRDIE in the coupon code section when checking out.

All of the items in the store are named after friends- it makes it more fun. Lord knows I could not come up with names for everything! Here are a few of my favorite of the 20 or so pieces listed.

Big chunky cuff like bracelet with inspirational messages. It is perfect for a breast cancer survivor, like the woman from my Bible study it is named for.

This necklace has all the colors and shapes of chiclets!

This bracelet has a gorgeous combination of colors for someone that likes more muted tones.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with turquoise and crosses! This necklace is stunning in person- always leads to compliments!

I love the soldered charm on this necklace! The back side features a map of Austin, my hometown.

Need something special for a baby shower or for your child's Easter basket? These brand new handmade beaded baby spoons are a great gift and wonderful keepsake for your child. I have 4 options listed, but will happily take custom orders! Plus, they are less than $8!

Feel free to visit my store anytime. I hope to add new items regularly. Plus, if you ever see something on the blog you like and would rather I just make it for you, let me know!  The Me and Lulu button on the right will take you there anytime!