Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Carrots for the Little Ones

Abby Lu and I made a fun kid-friendly craft this morning for her classmates at MDO tomorrow. They are celebrating Easter and I am always looking for non-candy treats to share with her little friends. I originally saw this idea on Pinterest.

You need a big carton of Goldfish, clear cone shaped bags (Hobby Lobby cake section), rubber bands, and green ribbon. Make sure you get the orange cheddar Goldfish.

Fill each individual cone with 1 cup of Goldfish. After I filled the cup measure, Abby Lu got to pour the crackers into the cones. She loved helping!

We then used a small rubber band to close the cone tightly and added two small strips of green ribbon tied into a knot.

The carton of Goldfish make 11 cones or 10 if you have a hungry little helper ;)

We packed these up into her Easter basket and added a small bucket for her teacher. Easter is all set for around $10 for 10 kids.

Coming on Friday- a new item in my Etsy store that I just love! See you then!