Monday, June 4, 2012

Root Beer Float Pops

Since my daughter is so interested in cooking right now, I have been trying to find simple recipes that she can help me with. With summer upon us, I though we would have fun making Popsicles and she might even get more fruit in her diet with them.

I have been waiting for Target to come out with inexpensive molds, but got tired of waiting and Crate & Barrel to the rescue. They have a great set of molds and a fun cookbook waiting for me!

We decided to start really simple- two ingredient Root Beer Float pops. 

You simple spoon the vanilla ice cream into the molds leaving space for the root beer. Pour the root beer into the mold and then freeze for about 6 hours. You use about a can of root beer and a pint of ice cream.

Two important things to note: don't let your ice cream melt. It won't leave space for the root beer to mix in. Secondly, you want "flat" root beer so that it doesn't froth up and fill (or spill) from the bubbles. So, open the can and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Up next, coconut pops using Abby's favorite, coconut milk.