Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eggplant Hummus

Our first installment of Paulina's cooking school (click here to learn more) is eggplant. When we arrived at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, there was a large eggplant in her CSA (the box of veggies they prepick for her each week). She traded it in for Japanese Eggplant. This form of eggplant is shaped more like a cucumber and cooks quicker than the larger gourd shaped eggplant. It is low in calories and super high in fiber and minerals.

We began with 3 or 4 japanese eggplant and after washing them, sliced them lengthwise. With the cut side up, we drizzled them with olive oil, sea salt and fresh pepper on a foil lined cookie sheet.

We then turned them over and did a little more oil.

After roasting them on 350 for about 25 mins, they began to look like sausage. They are done when the skin can easily be pinched off from the meat of the eggplant.

Using a spoon, separate the meat from the skin and place the meat into your food processor. It worked best to wedge the spoon at one end between the meat and skin and run it down the length of the eggplant.

Once in the food processor, add 1 clove garlic, a little olive oil and some salt. 

Blend away until it is the consistency you like. Taste it and add more seasonings if needed. If I were serving this at a party, I think it would be fun to add a little food coloring to make it more purple.

Serve with fresh tortilla chips and you'll have a healthy way to eat eggplant!

 Up next, the amazing world of kale!