Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Childhood Rocking Chair

I couldn't resist- I have lots of Annie Sloan chalk paint sitting around and lots of furniture!

I painted my childhood rocking chair as my second project. It was dark brown when I was growing up and I painted it black about 10 years ago when it was given to me. This time, it received Annie Sloan's Emperor's Silk red and a dark wax rub down. I love the color and texture this paint brings to old furniture!

Here is the chair in it's original black and with two coats of paint. I didn't worry about the paint being perfect, since I knew I was going to age the chair as soon as the paint dried!

The bottom left photo shows the chair with two coats of paint and some sanding. And, the right is the finished project with two coats of paint, sanding, and a dark wax rub down!

Details of the dark wax and sanding aging technique...

I love this sweet little chair even more now! 

I am still planning to paint my island... it is just so permanent. I wanted to try out this chair to see how sanding a piece would look with the dark wax technique. I also wanted to see if the color of the chair (painted over black) matched the color of the side table (painted over ivory) would match. They do! So, I feel confident I know the color will be the same over my island.