Sunday, November 18, 2012

Simply Last Minute Ways to Focus at THANKSgiving

In the midst of cleaning house, buying groceries, traveling or hosting, and preparing a perfect meal set on a magazine-ready table, it is easy to lose focus on the thanks part of Thanksgiving. I looked around and found a couple of easy things you could do on Thursday to make the day more thanks focused.

These free printables are sweet and look good, too!

I love the idea of this tree. We had a blessing tree at a baby shower a few years ago and it looked beautiful as it grew with blessings for the baby. This tree could be filled with things your guests are thankful for and I know kids would have fun adding leaves. If you live in a place with these big bare branches, it would be a free project!

Turkeys are always fun decor at Thanksgiving and this one is filled with messages. It is colorful and would be cute on your Thanksgiving table.

This little turkey has the same idea, buy you likely have everything you need to make him right in your home. I couldn't find the original link to him, but it looks pretty self-explanatory.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!