Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas 2012: Tree and Mantle

I made it a goal this year to make my decorations different than past years. I wanted a fresh perspective without spending money on more decorations. So, welcome to my new 2012 Christmas home!

This year I skipped the garland on my mantles and went for a simpler more rustic look. My small Christmas trees are all 18" tall. I normally place these inside terra cotta pots on my formal dining room table. They serve as a great backdrop for our stockings. 

I just love our stockings! They are from Old Navy and I bought 4 of them when I was just a girl with a boyfriend I hoped would be my husband! They are plaid flannel and are soft and just perfect for my decor style. When we had our daughter (after 8 years of marriage), I finally had them monogrammed.

Our large Santa Clauses have been acquired each year. I always loved them on Christmas displays and would wait for them to be on sale at Hobby Lobby and buy one. The best Santas are bought in October :)

Both of these are technically tree toppers with the clear plastic cone under their clothing. I place them on top of a large candle on the sturdy candle stick holder to give them more height and stabilize them.

If you'd like to see my mantle in past years, here are the links: 2011 2010  2009.

My tree fits the country cozy theme I use in Christmas decorations- I have lots of soft ornaments. I used mittens, sweaters, flannel, big fuzzy Santa beards, vintage Christmas toys, felt and some wooden ornaments. I love our tree- it is a 9 foot skinny tree which works best in our space.

  I am blessed to have two wonderful seamstresses in our family. I alternate tree skirts between a plaid and denim skirt made by my Mom and this one made by my husband's Aunt Iva. I love them both!

Thanks for visiting and Merry Christmas!

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