Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry and Bright Christmas Party

Creating invitations is really one of my favorite things to do when digital scrapbooking! It is just the right size project and the results save money, and share love! With my daughter having a Christmas birthday, I seized the opportunity this year (before she decides the theme of her party) to do a Christmas party with 20 of her little friends. I created her invitations using a digital kit called 12 Days of Advent. I loved the pink and blue added into the red and green. It helped me establish the entire color pallette for the party!

Having the digital kit on file, I was able to create matching pieces throughout the party including directions on the crafts at each of the tables. This helps the other parents guide their kids and allows me to do other things, like cut cake!
 I also used it to label the party food. I think food labels are so important, especially as a Mom to a child with a food allergy. It helps with picky eaters, too!
 Finally, I used the digital kit to make a little thank you note on the take home table. I never seem to say goodbye to everyone personally, so I like for my sentiment to be there in case they end up seeing themselves out the door.

I'll share more photos of her party all this week, so stay tuned!