Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Resolution 2013: Spend More Time with the Kids PLAYING!

A common resolution this time of year is to spend more time with your kids, to turn off the TV, prepare them for school, make more fun at home, etc. A blog reader recommended a resolution post on this and I had so much fun researching fun activities for families! Here are a few of my favorites- you can see more on my Pinterest page. 

We love doing things with our hands and this blogger collected recipes to make all of our favorites- sidewalk chalk, play-dough  baby wipes, crayons, bath paint, finger paint, dyed rice and noodles, bubbles, glue, spray paint. I love this collection of goodies!

I can imagine BOYS would love learning their sight words with cars! This blog doesn't have a printable, but this could easily be created with just a marker and copy paper. You could do this with just letters for younger cards or more complex words for older kids. I think it would be fun to incorporate dice to see where you get to park...

Wouldn't it be fun in early Spring to make bird food with your kids, hang it on the trees and then check everyday to see if birds came? I know we will be doing this activity soon! I think this simple bird food recipe using cookie cutters would also make great gifts for teachers, maybe at Easter? 

My science project in school when I was a kid used fruits and vegetables to dye fabrics determining that blueberries and tea are the best. I'll never forget how much fun that was. This lettuce dye project is such a great visual- it can be used to show how water runs through plants to give them food. Pretty cool concept when you think about a simple piece of lettuce can sit in water, soak it up and move it all through it's "body".

Photo courtesy of Flickr via Pinterest

My daughter is 4 and obsessed with math! She loves to count, add up numbers, and ask lots of math questions. She also loves bowling on the Wii, scoring a record high in our family last week. Subtraction isn't a concept she gets yet, but I think with this game she would learn it quickly. 

As the weather gets colder, it opens up conversations about animals (and people!) who don't sleep inside a warm house. This Mom had fun with the lesson and showed her kids how shortening (like fat) can keep animals warm. This lesson is so interactive, I bet they'll never forget it!

I think Abby would LOVE this next one! Using pom poms, you can teach your child colors and have them make art over and over again! Simply glue small magnets on the back of pom poms and place the free printables on a cookie sheet allowing them to make art over and over. The gumball machine printable is my favorite!

Make your own sidewalk paint with simple household ingredients and let your kids paint it with a fly swatter. I can only imagine how messy and fun this would be on the driveway or back patio. Directions here along with a list of over 200 fun art activities for kids under age 5. On a cold day, her idea using window markers is super fun!

Unless noted, all photos are borrowed from other blogs with links to those blogs provided.

Happy Playing!

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