Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolution 2013: Waste Less Groceries

This month I am dedicating all of my posts to common New Year's Resolutions! 

One of my resolutions this year is to eat the food we buy. I hate having the trash can full of food from cleaning out the fridge, pantry and freezer before grocery shopping. We have done so much better about not eating out in 2012 and I want to be even smarter with my groceries in 2013.

One of the ways I plan to do that, is by knowing exactly what I put into our second freezer. We have an old refrigerator/freezer in the garage and while the fridge is mostly drinks, I rarely look in the freezer. I plan to use it to store more leftovers in 2013. Thus, I needed a little cheat sheet to place on the freezer door.

Get your free copy here.  

Now, when I make a big serving and decide to freezer half of it for a future meal, I'll know just what I have on hand and what container to look for. I plan to list things like, "Red-Round" for my red lidded round tupperware" or "baggie w/label" for items wrapped in foil and placed in a baggie. 

When we eat the meal, we'll just draw a line through the meal and know that it isn't in the freezer anymore. I've unfortunately thrown out a few meals because I just don't remember what is in the freezer or how long it has been sitting in the back.

With this free printable, you should get more organized and save money by eating more of what you buy! See more 2013 resolutions here!