Friday, January 25, 2013

Resolutions 2013: Creating a Cohesive Collage

When we reworked our living room to bring more calm to the space, I decided to make some changes in my foyer. I have two gallery arches in the space that had been painted a darker khaki, but I never liked it. 

You can see it is too yellow and too close in color to the wall color.

While painting behind the TV, I went ahead and added brown the the gallery arches in the foyer.

The arches are so much more prominent now and the colors of the crosses really showcase better on my new brown- Joshua's Tree by Behr.

With my new Crate & Barrel Olin Brown runner, I love my new entry.

Now it was time to tackle the long wall in my foyer. It is 11' long and 10' high. You can imagine how daunting that can be! This wall has held a number of things, most recently a large cross, mirror and three black shelves to hold photos. It hasn't been cohesive enough for me. I decided to build one LARGE collage using the artwork I had taken down in my dining room, living room, and bedroom as I simplified those spaces. I had over 20 pieces of art- all different shapes and sizes to use on my wall. The cohesiveness comes from the colors in the art- all of it is black framed with elements of white, red and khaki. 

I stacked the art by size- large, medium, and small in my formal dining room. Once I had cleared the foyer wall and prepped it with caulk and touch up paint, I began bringing the large pieces into the foyer and laying them on the ground where they would correlate with the wall. I then added in medium and small pieces. I added in the odd shaped pieces last- like the A, M, cross and circle on the top left.

I then hung them in "columns" starting on the right side of the wall and working my way left. The goal was the literally lift them as they were on the tile onto the wall. I used a black Sharpie, level, and my hammer and nails. The whole project took about 2 hours.

I love the way in turned out- it is full and cohesive!

If you are taking on a big collage, here are a few extra tips I found online:

Use scrap paper to place your "art" on the wall first

Lots of options for the layout of your collage

Using tape to mark art with two holes

Happy Hanging!

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