Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quick Carbonara

My husband and I ate at a small beautiful Italian restaurant a few years ago for our anniversary and I fell in love with their carbonara. It came out as a big mountain of noodles with an egg yolk sitting on top. I was freaked out, but tried to maintain my composure in such a nice setting. I stirred the yolk into the pasta and said a little prayer before taking my first bite. I was sold!

It tasted like breakfast and pasta and cheese and all levels of goodness. When digging through cookbooks recently, I saw a Southern Living version of carbonara and decided to try it.

I will admit this isn't as good as my fancy restaurant carbonara, but it also doesn't cost $20. So, I highly recommend giving this easy weeknight dish a try! You wouldn't be disappointed!

You can view and print the recipe here. Enjoy!

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