Monday, April 15, 2013

Creating Free iPhone Wallpaper from Pinterest

I love having a picture of my family on my iPhone lock screen, but I hate having a picture as my home screen. Inevitably, the best part of the picture is covered by icons or folders and it just ends up looking silly.

I was playing around on Pinterest while killing time before preschool pick up and found an easy way to make a cute wallpaper using Pinterest.

First, click on a pin you would like as your wallpaper. Take a picture of your screen by hitting the power button and home button at the same time. The picture would look like the left one below. But, you don't want all that top and bottom junk on your home screen. You want the clean image on the right.

Next, open your photos icon where you look at past pictures taken. Click on the Pinterest photo you just took and zoom into it using your fingers on the screen. (I assume you know this... start with fingers together touching the screen and spread them further apart). Then, take another picture with your power button and home button pushed simultaneously.

Your picture would now look like the one on the right and you can select to save it as your home screen, lock screen or both as your would a photo you took of your family. This happens with the box and right facing arrow after the picture is taken.

Zoe Pearn is one of my favorite digital scrapbookers and she pins beautiful things that make great wallpapers! Happy Pinning and Wallpapering! :)