Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Menu Options

This weekend I am working on my Thanksgiving day menu. Here are a few of my blog favorites that my family will be eating on Thursday.

There is nothing simpler than these muffins. They are perfectly simple and super tasty for breakfast when the kitchen is warming up for the big meal!

It would not be Thanksgiving with my Momma's dressing and this Cranberry Salad. I love making a big bowl of it and we eat it for days afterward. It just gets better with time! I recommend making this on Tuesday or Wednesday and just letting it set until Thursday's meal.

Corn syrup gives me awful headaches, so we make these Southern Pecan Bars instead of a big rich pecan pie. Give them a try for your family this year. I am certain you will love them. They are a cross between pecan pie and a pecan praline.

I have been dreaming of this Sweet Potato Hash and am looking forward to sharing it with my family this year. It is a great nut-free way to make sweet potatoes.

Finally, if you need a quick and easy way to add a little fall decor to your dining room, don't forget my super simple Burlap Banner. I think THANKFUL or GOBBLE or EAT UP would be super cute across a buffet or dining room wall. 

Enjoy your thanksgiving!