Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas 2013 Cookie Treat Boxes

I love to bake and show love through baking, so it is no surprise I love making cookie treat boxes this time of year! I spent all day yesterday baking away for my husband to deliver treats to the clients and suppliers he works with. It is always a fun day for me to crank up the music, turn on the oven and bake!

We put the treats in tins from Hobby Lobby this year. They are a great inexpensive and quick option. If you plan ahead, check out Garnish or Shop Sweet Lulu. Both have cute packaging items. 

Let's talk about the yummy goodness contained within our tins!

I posted this picture on Instagram and commented this bacon was going into cookies. My friend Kathy proclaimed she trusted my judgment, but this didn't sound good. Kathy, trust me, it is good. Most of the candy recipients are men and men love bacon.

I chopped it up really fine so you wouldn't get a big piece in one bite. Honestly, they are just good chocolate chip cookies and every now and then you taste a little salty. I liked them- something different.

I love the bright red color of these cookies! And, red velvet is always a good nuetral cookie. It isn't really sweet unless you get a white chocolate chip bite in there. These are beautiful colorful and really plump cookies. Plus, it makes a TON!

These bars are the most requested, so they are always in treat boxes. They taste like pecan pie in an easy, non-messy, bar form. I make them often and they always turn out perfect. You can't go wrong with these bars.

I had my first Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bar a few weeks ago and suddenly knew why people love them. The sweet cranberries and the tart cream cheese are perfect together. These cookies are a great copycat of the Starbucks treat. I am submitting them in my Sunday School class' cookie contest Sunday night. If they don't win best tasting, they may win best looking! 

It isn't Christmas without peppermint in it! This bark was easy and tastes delicious. My husband said it will give you "the diabetes". It is really rich, so break the bark into small bite sized pieces.  Mine turned out really gray in color. Next time, I want to add a little red food coloring and not crush my Oreos and peppermints so finely. I think they'd taste and look better with more big chunks.

Happy Holiday Baking!