Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fun Gift Giving Game for the Whole Family

Looking for something to do with the relatives after presents are exchanged and food is consumed?

My friend told me about a fun game she plays at the holidays with her extended family and this year we are doing it with a family gathering of 7 adults and 3 kids. 

Bring a handful of wrapped presents for the exchange. It can be whatever price point you are comfortable with. Make one of the gifts clearly the more valuable gift. For us, there is a Target gift card, but everything else is little things under $5.

Bring a two dice, a winter hat, scarf and mittens (not gloves) to the exchange.

Pick a magic number between 1 and 12. Everyone gathers around a table and one by one rolls the set of dice. If you don't roll the magic number, pass the dice to the next person.

Once the magic number is rolled, that person has to put on the hat, scarf and mittens and gets to pick a present to open. They must work quickly because as soon as the magic number is rolled again, everyone must stop and the person in the middle of opening must go back to the table and the new person who just rolled the magic number must put on the hat, scarf, and mittens and quickly try and open the gift before the magic number is rolled again. They can try and open an untouched gift or finish off the one started before them.

Keep playing until all gifts are opened.

Merry Christmas!