Monday, January 27, 2014

#annaisgrateful- Week Three

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This sweet girl had her 5 year checkup and she is everything she is supposed to be and that always bring me joy!

I love that music is so accessible now and I can just worship all afternoon while cleaning! Aren't you amazed how easy it is to grab your favorite song within seconds of hearing it on the radio? We've come so far from the mix tapes of my youth where missing the first part of a song meant your tape was ruined! ;)

We are grateful Mimi lives just an hour away for impromptu birthday parties. Abby insisted her birthday party needed a theme so cupcakes, balloons, and blowers later, Abby was happy.

I am grateful to have a great Dad and celebrated his birthday with him over lunch and a little Top Golf last week.

So very grateful Bath & Body Works brought this candle back. It is all kinds of goodness and smells up the house long after you have stopped burning it.

This right here made schools across our city cancel last Friday. I was grateful to have a warm house, a full pantry, and all my people at home with me.

On Saturday we did dinner with these sweet girls and their families. Believe it or not, they were all infants in the baby room in daycare together. They all go to different schools now, but we get together every now and then for them to play. I am grateful even at age 5, Abby has "old" friends.

Finally, I woke up on Sunday feeling yucky with a scratchy throat and killer headache. I am grateful my husband still took Abby to church and he brought home lunch for me. That's a good man.