Tuesday, April 29, 2014

annaisgrateful- week seventeen

On Friday morning, I dropped Abby off for a few days with my Mom. I'm grateful for the opportunity to miss her every now and then. I had a lot going on and she had more fun with Nana!

I love my Pro Beach Wave Curler! It gives me messy wavy hair and takes only a few minutes. I wish I could do it everyday, but fear my hair would be unhealthy. So, I do it 2-3 times per week. It is fun to have and change things up. I am so grateful to a Mom who mentioned how much she loved it!

I spent part of Friday and Saturday at a ladies retreat amongst these giant trees. Susie Davis was our speaker and she talked about God leaving us love notes throughout life and we just have to look for them. She also said to get outside more and look for God there. Like these jumbled up trees, he can make something beautiful of our jumbled up lives.

Speaking of nature, I am grateful we didn't kill our flowers this winter.

I am planning a fun little party later this summer for Abby and a few friends and these balloon topiaries were handed down to me from another friend. I am grateful she thought to share them and I can save a little money!

Finally, this morning I picked up my favorite little side kick. Our life is pretty boring without her so I am very grateful she is in our family.