Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Blue Dining Room

Over the New Years holiday, my husband and I tackled a little home improvement- we updated our dining room. I honestly love it more than I should. It is just a room and a room we don't use often, but it sure does make me smile to walk past it. 

This is a recent picture of the room before we painted it blue. When we bought the house, this room was beige along with all the others. We had it painted Crushed Seed by Dutch Boy 4 years ago, added hardwood floors three years ago, and had updated the chandelier earlier this fall. I had a red dining room in my old house and loved it for a long time. However, this room is open to my living room, kitchen and hall way and the red just didn't match the other rooms as they have evolved. 

The paint color we selected this time around is Smoked Turquoise by Glidden. We had the color mixed into Behr Marquee which is a one coat paint and primer in one. A little piece of advice, P&P in one is meant for only one coat. Doing touch up here in there paints on like a second coat and doesn't match up. It added darker spots that looked greasy since it was gloss on gloss. So, two full coats have to be pained. Lesson learned the hard way!

Another little tip, cleaning baseboards as you paint is genius! Everything wipes really clean. Cleaning wall outlets with baby wipes is not genius. I electrocuted my finger when the baby wipe got the outlet wet. I felt the current run through my hand before I jumped and screamed. It was quite scary!

I love that this room is lighter and brighter. I didn't realize how much the red brought down the light level in this area. It matches the blue drapes in the living room really well and creates the cohesive look I was wanting.

The light fixture was installed earlier this year and is 16 lit mason jars from Pottery Barn. I've loved it for years and used a little extra bonus money to splurge on it. If we ever move, I feel certain it will move with me. The map on the wall is Texas territories from long ago. It was in my husband's office, but matched this room better. ;) We bought the drapes at Target. I came really close to buying orange drapes, but am glad I went with a pop of orange instead.

I bought the mirrors at Ballard Designs when they were having a big sale pre-Christmas. I love the light they reflect and they remind me of leaded glass or stained glass. I love me some vintage leaded glass! The fun little buffet table accessories I have collected over the years from various places.

Finally, my dough bowl is filled with river rocks, straw balls and my new gold antlers. My family works on a deer lease and they find antlers on the property regularly. I snagged a couple of them and spray painted them gold. I love them and love that they were practically free!

I need to find a new runner for the table and we are installing crown molding later this month, but I just couldn't wait to share my new dining room!

I promise to blog again this month.... we have another big home improvement project coming up in our living room!