Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Heart Anthropologie

If I could only shop one place to decorate my home, I think Anthropologie would be it! They do the best job of making vintage look cool again. From crystal door knobs to intricate table linens, they have my number! I visited them today for a couple of gifts for me and for others. Here are some of my new and old finds.....
I bought this place mat and both plates today. I plan to hang the plates on a wall in my kitchen. I want to update my kitchen/dining decor with bright fun colorful dishes that I can change out with the seasons.
The silverware plate stand is a new find.
I love love these measuring cups. They were a gift from my girlfriend Brandy.

I bought my "J" a few years ago while shopping in San Antonio with my Goddess Girls. I also bought one for a wedding gift today.
They have an awesome collection of these little bowls in every color. I own 10 of these! I use them in my scrapbook room for accessories, on my desk at work for paperclips, in Abby's room for her medicine, and in the kitchen for spices and decor.
Finally, I bought these measuring spoons today for a birthday present. Hmmm, anyone reading this with a birthday coming up? Do you know who you are? I loved them- the littlest one is for a pinch. Only my grandmother's recipes call for a pinch. I couldn't resist!
The Austin located is at 6th and Lamar next to REI and Book People. Enjoy!