Sunday, July 26, 2009

Homemade Notepads

I made personalized notepads this morning with my digital scrapbooking software and sent them to Vista Print to have them printed on a notepad. It was lots of fun and MUCH cheaper than the notepads I had looked at online.
I really wanted one with my daughter's name so that I could put notes on it for school or church and not have to sign her name or sign it Abby Lu's Mom. This will work perfectly.I also made a set with my family's name. The notepads are approximately 4" x 6" tall. A pad on Vistaprint is $12.98 plus shipping. Love it!
If you are interested in a notepad for yourself or your family, email me. I'll be happy to play and make something fun for you!


Ms. W said...

Oooh, notepads! Never thought about notepads. Very nice!

You need to make you some mom cards too - especially when you are in playdate mode! ;)

Meg @ Being Resourceful said...

I LOVE this idea!! Hmm... Do I see a side job in your future?

Susan said...

I am totally interested in this in the future!! Remind me (because I will forget)!!! hehe

Bran- said...

I'm very interested in these note pads--the ones you made are so cute! Can you help me make some for my newly remodled kitchen with our names on them? :-)Let's get together soon!

the haley family said...

Hey Anna,
I was wondering if you were up to making some note cards for Will. He just had his birthday and needs to send out some thank you's!

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