Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make your Workspace Fun!

Oh how I love Hobby Lobby! Last night I spent a little time in this new found aisle of goodness. I have a confession to make- I am an office supply junkie. The large catalog of binder clips, colored pens, and fun file folders at my office is my own personal monthly shopping spree. I am sure the office supply budget was raised when I was hired.

So I found this cute and inexpensive line at Hobby Lobby of trendy themed office supplies and I wanted to buy everything they had. I refrained.... a little. Just look at this stuff!

This is just the aqua and lime stuff. They also have a blue and brown section, pink and orange and even some red, black and cream. I love love it all!

I don't remember a single item being over $10! I spend more awake time in my office at work than any other room and I have no problem spending money to make it a room I enjoy being in. I encourage you to do the same!