Friday, July 17, 2009

I Heart Etsy

A friend recently commented on facebook that she had discovered etsy and my husband sent his condolences on the loss of his money to her husband. Ha! I could search and buy on this site all day long. Sometimes, I don't buy things, but get great ideas. Here are two recent ones:
I totally plan to make one of these very soon! How cute is this "Happy Birthday" banner! It is simply scrpabook paper attached to chipboard with letters cut out and attached. It is fully assembled via ribbon and then can be hung. I just love it! Look for pictures of one soon!Since I don't sew, I bought this one instead of trying to make it. It is a fun take on the old school plastic rings on a rod toy we all had growing up. I love anything cupcake related so it is just perfect for me and my daughter.
In case you haven't shopped etsy before, it is much like ebay but is new handmade items or vintage items. It has wonderful gifts, handmade baby things and lots of jewlery. Check it out- support a crafty gal or get creative!