Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Easy Sides Dishes

My husband and I are watching what we eat in hopes that my baby weight comes off before the end of the year when she turns one. I am close, but the scale isn't moving anymore and let's face it, we had weight to lose before she came. I shouldn't blame it all on her!

I have the hardest time devoting time to making more than one dish. If we make a casserole, we typically only have that for dinner. We really only have a well rounded meal when we grill lean meat and then we add a veggie to it.

I looked in the frozen meal section for lunches this past weekend and realized how easy and wonderful these standard frozen lunches can be for a side dish. It is cheap, low fat and you just pop it in the mircowave. One serving can easily be divded among 2 adults for a great side item. Plus, lots of options!
Last night we had Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans with our Mexican Chicken casserole.How yummy would roasted potatoes with broccoli and cheese be with a hamburger or BBQ chicken?
We tried the macaroni and cheese with turkey tenderloin earlier this week? It is so much less fat than traditional mac and cheese from Kraft.
Check out the full collection in your grocer's freezer!

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We are the Guerra's! said...

We buy the "steam in the bag" frozen veggies at the grocer store and those cut down on cooking time. Just pop it in, set the timer, fix the rest of dinner, and dump in a bowl. Bonus: as Abby gets older and does finger foods, they're soft enough for her to eat too! Also, I posted a great cous cous recipe on my blog that is pretty healthy and can be adapted to make it even more so!

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