Monday, August 31, 2009

Extra Special Baby Spoon

I attended a baby shower this weekend and my crafty friend Melanie gave the Mom-to-be a super cute spoon. I took a close look at it and quickly realized I have everything I need to make a set myself!
Here are the supplies (plus a wire cutter sold in the jewelry aisle at stores like Hobby Lobby). The wire is 22 gauge although I think you could go a little thickers and still be fine. I would not go thinner. I used scrap beads leftover from numerous jewelry making projects. If you don't have small beads lying around, you can buy a package of coordinating small beads at Hobby Lobby while buying your wire cutter.I cut a piece of wire a little longer than my nose to fingertips. Wrap the wire around the spoon (closest to the rubber part) about 10 times. Wrap it good and tight and make sure it is snug with the wires lying side by side. Next, drop 1-3 small beads on the wire and wrap it around the spoon. Repeat. After each beaded wrap, I wrapped the wire an additional time.
Repeat this process keeping the wraps tight and the beads close together. When near the end, wrap 10 times around again really tight and cut the wire. Make sure the starting and ending piece of the wire are on the back side.

This is what the back looked like when finished.

And, this is what four super special spoons look like! Seriously, how much fun would this be to give as a gift. You could easily tie it on the outside of the package of make a complete set of spoons for a special Mom.

Here is a detailed shot of the beads. I love the variety of colors and that three of the four are really gender neutral. This same process could be used to make beautiful serving utensils for a wedding shower gift.

Enjoy beading!