Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Digital Projects

I'm having lots of fun creating notecards, invitations, and notepads for friends and family. The software I use is Scrapbook Factory Deluxe. It is $40 new and can be found online or at Best Buy. It comes with a basic set of graphics, but lots of websites also sell sets that include papers, accessories, and letters. Here are some of my favorites-
Designer Digitals

The software can be used for printed items, but also website and blog designs. Many of the sites have free items to download and others have a minimal cost.
Big thanks for my girlfriend Erica for getting me started!


Ms. W said...

Digi scrap stuff can also be used with Photoshop products.

I bought Photoshop Elements last year, which is basically a dumbed down version of Photoshop and I really like it!

But, for created from scratch stuff - like the cute frog or pup I created for the girls' parties, I totally used scrapbook factory!

Susan said...

You have to have the "eye" for cutsie stuff like that ... and you've got it!! Thanks again!! :)

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