Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Shower Decor: Garland

Here is an easy garland that makes a great focal point for a baby shower or even a birthday party or wedding shower. It is much easier and simpler than the original garland I made. I don't expect it to last as long, so it can be more theme specific. Here is the upclose shot. It is simply 3 coordinating papers. The green and monkey are cut in freehanded triangles and the letters were printed in 200 point font on turquiose paper. I just cut them out straight from the printer.
I used ribbon to connect each pennant and attached the ribbon to the triangle with mini clothespins. They are not even glued on. The extra ribbon on the ends and additional clothespins can attach the overall garland to your fireplace, bar, entertainment center. You could also hang this on the wall, across a doorway, etc.

I think this could be lots of fun for a wedding shower with the couple's new last name. In all, I used 1 sheet of paper per letter (1/2 sheet of monkey and 1/2 sheet of green) along with simple colored copy paper for the letters. With the ribbon and clothespins, I would estimate this project at around $5. What a bargain!